The Sower
Story: The parables told by Jesus in Matthew 13 : 3 en Luke 8 : 5

You'll need:
Let the children paint a sky and acre on the cardboard.
Let them glue the hand, and the rest of the material on the painting.

The rice is the seeds
There is no way side, because "the fowls came and devoured them up:" (verse 4)
The beans are the stony places (verse 5).
The twiggs are the thorns (verse 7).
God bless!
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( Copy and print this hand for the painting )
(Made by my son Joey. Special thanks to the people of children ministries of the Baptist Church 't Lieniezer)
  • cardboard, ca. 20 x 25 cm
  • paint
  • thin twiggs
  • white and brown beans (uncooked)
  • rice
  • glue